Re: Re: The Spanish Economy


@logan wrote:

Agreed Chopera but it was designed in Silicon Valley and the parts commissioned to Steve Jobs blue print. Perhaps Apple was a poor example of my point because they are exceptional as a company, a one off.

Has Spain ever bothered to develop their own Silicon Valley? If not why not?

For Spain to compete in manufacturing in today’s global economy they need talented entrepreneurs with flair and energy. Most of them simply go abroad where the opportunities are better and talent recognized and encouraged.

Spain also needs to develop a stronger financial services industry. Most Spanish simply don’t understand it or recognise it’s industrial potential.

I talk to Spanish businessmen all the time and I am struck how insular they are in outlook. That needs to change.

I think Apple was a good example and I agree with your points. I was just pointing the UK input to the iphone as an aside. It also makes me smile that the main iphone processors are manufactured by Apple’s main rival – Samsung.

Spain needs government investment in the right areas, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to get it while they remain in the euro. Maybe things’ll change after the French elections this weekend.