Re: Re: The Spanish Armada may reduce Dole Queues!



I think the point is that it is rather hypocritical of the Spanish to complain, when they have previously benefited from cheap immigrants from Africa, China, South America and Eastern Europe working (and often being exploited) on building sites, in bars, cleaning Spanish people’s homes, etc. I’ve met a few Spaniards who often bragged about how all this immigration was going to for pay their pensions, as well as keep everything cheap. As if they had suddenly become the masters and the immigrants as their servants.

‘The Spanish’ didn’t do that. Individual Spaniards did, it it was hardly the majority of Spaniards.

Regardless, being forced to leave one’s homeland just to have enough money to eat is not the same as leaving home to make one’s fortune.

I’m shocked by the lack of empathy here and also a lack of insight into the long-term effects of this, which have been well stated by Edward Hugh.