Re: Re: The Spanish Armada may reduce Dole Queues!



@garysfbcn wrote:

Much as I admire the Spanish attitude at conquering world markets (think Iniditex, Gowex, Santander or construction companies), I’m beginning to tire very quickly of the whinge “poor us, we have to go to Germany or London to find our first job, and it may be a job that we are over-qualified to do…”

Well now, that is incredibily insensitive, isn’t it? Having to leave one’s homeland just to be able to eat is not pleasant and can be very traumatic. Families are being torn apart but it isn’t as bad as the Poles, so it’s not bad now, is it? And the Poles had it better than the Jews, and the Jews better than the Chinese and Indians, and the Chinese and Indians had it better than…

My brother-in-law had to leave his wife and two children to go to France to earn enough money just to pay his mortgage. He doesn’t complain but your smarmy post demonstrates the empathy of a sociopath.

I think the point is that it is rather hypocritical of the Spanish to complain, when they have previously benefited from cheap immigrants from Africa, China, South America and Eastern Europe working (and often being exploited) on building sites, in bars, cleaning Spanish people’s homes, etc. I’ve met a few Spaniards who often bragged about how all this immigration was going to for pay their pensions, as well as keep everything cheap. As if they had suddenly become the masters and the immigrants as their servants.