Re: Re: The Spanish Armada may reduce Dole Queues!



I am all in favour of people moving around the global village with a view to look for employment,business,education CV development etc, as a matter of choice and do not see this an issue. What I do not favour is where the people are forced to take this step due to failure of their respective Governments. This could be due to lack of vision by the government , not being aware of the future need of human resources in the evolving economy and the sector of the economy that will absorb these people.

The truth here is that Spaniards are comfortable in living with their parents, happily ask for money from parents for going out, do not contribute to their boarding and lodging. They are in a comfort zone and do not like to be taken out of it. Their views of being forced to leave their country for seeking employment as some kind of punishment is typical & shows lack maturity & not smelling the “cafe con leche” .