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@shakeel wrote:

Agree, what I fail to understand is that did Spain not know or realise that nothing is forever in life including sector’s of economy. They just felt that they could keep on building to eternity. The boom gave them an opportunity to diversify & update their out date legislations. They did not out & just onto a good thing. The Spanish I spoke to felt that the whole world will come to live in Spain, as if other countries will be totally empty & devoid of people & the balance of world population will shift to Spain.

I think your point illustrates a classic case of short term government thinking, an inability to be inventive or to put it simply, “Have the vision thing”.
Spain post Franco has been far too reliant on other nations. For tourism, construction, technology and skills. It needed the Germans to install their entire national telephone network for example.
When Franco died the country was akin to a third world state. It moved very quickly, content and reliant on others, instead of accepting a slower development process that would allow their own industries to develop and grow.
The result now is a country with a well developed infrastructure, paid for with borrowing but a third world mentality of dependence. Without any home grown identifiable industry other than tourism, agriculture and construction.
The Spanish are by nature consumers and spenders. Unlike the Germans and the French who plan carefully for tomorrow and save. Your average Spaniard never plans for anything and that includes government, both regional and national who should know better.
I am very pessimistic for Spain’s future.
An EU bailout should it arise will place further austerity restrictions on the countries ability to change.
The Spanish people need to rise up and demand change. Not superficial but fundamental change.
The trouble is the political system is moribund. The two main political parties simply take it in turns to govern with basically the same old attitudes and policies.
For there to be any meaningful change a revolution is some form or other is necessary and some new identifiable leader needs to step up to the plate with fresh and inventive ideas.
In my view the chances of that happening are about zero. However at least there is a beginning in Madrid this weekend.