Re: Re: The Spanish are revolting


PSOE have been severely beaten. Even Barcelona has gone PP for the first time since Franco. The whole of Spain’s regional governments are now PP. Come the general election in March PP will win across the board. It’s perfectly clear the Spanish have had enough of socialism or at least this model of it. They want free market economics which will provide them with a job and hope.

Nothings for free. Taxes from earned income have to pay for education and healthcare. If you regulate a market economy to death you have stagnation and decline. Risk and effort requires reward.
Social welfare destroys incentive because the burden of taxation to pay for it makes risk and effort pointless.
BTW. I live in a socialist country France. The financial burden of that model on companies and the individual is close to crippling.
Socialism has failed in every country that has ever tried it. Even in France healthcare and education now requires a contribution from the individual.
Spain cannot afford it’s social model. I would expect next year when PP take over the country they will ditch it in favour of a market orientated system where value is obtained instead of waste.