Re: Re: The Quality of Life Index.


It is an interesting article and one that I fully empathise with. I notice where we live that more & more grandparents look after their grandchildren. Whilst I love looking after my two granddaughters (3.3/4 & 15 months) I am exhausted at the end of a loooong day. How older people in their 70’s cope I don’t know!!!

I was very fortunate in that I did not have to work at all when my children were growing up,therefore not needing parental help. These days, most young families need two incomes and often, young women do not want to give up their financial independence. Personally, I think mothers of young children should be able to stay at home and raise them until at least the age of 10. There should be good tax breaks for these families whatever their social status. I’m sure society would benefit in the long run by having more disciplined young adults.

El Anciano wrote

I wouldn’t want my folks looking after my kids

My daughter feels the same about her in-laws who live locally, hence we fill the “gap” 100%! I’d like to think it keeps me fit…A workout at the gym would be an easier option but less enjoyable!! 😀