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The link I put on proves I was right.

The link you posted proves that Spanish officials are corrupt and try it on – this site is littered with examples of Spanish corruption. That’s an exception, it is not the general rule of the whole country, nor the taxes that the majority of the population have to pay. That’s something you appear entirely unable to understand. You’re using the exceptions as a general rule when they’re clearly not, because you just don’t understand what the taxation rules actually are.

Now stop screeching like a petulant harpie and listen to people who know what they’re talking about. 😀

An exception…what an excuse you are wrong, it’s happening all over. Does owning a holiday flat in Almeria make you an expert. You have nothing to back up your statement. Fuengi had to put you right too. Shown up for what you are ….a thinks they know it all idiot who read it in a a book. I am corect when I say it happens, the Costa blanca news says it does….all exceptions. I say your stuff is an exception…you were wrong and I have proved it…you only have marcarse to back you up and he would back anyone even Jake against me 😆 😆

I’d listen to your views on Marbella maybe, but I’ve heard enough rubbish you’ve spouted over the years (coffee is generally 2 euros a cup, all the Spanish hate the British, it’s always cold in Valencia in the winter) to know you and the acuality are often miles apart. I’m still trying to work out whether you believe your own stuff, or if you’re working to an agenda.