Re: Re: The Problems Caused By Under-Declaration



You are an arrogant and rude pillock. I wasn’t actually on about plus valia. At which point did I say anything about plus valia. Bought and sold about 5 times. I do know he concept of it, infact I am bi-lingual having spanish family! on our last sale we paid a little under 7000€ plus valia. However I mentioned CGT

If I bought at 160,000 an sold at 200,000 (fat chance!) then capital gains is payable on 40,000 (less selling fees etc.). However hacienda decides that their present value figure is 240,000 they assume under declaration and officially declare CGT on a profit of 80,000 on which CGT is payable. It does happen frequently now.

Anyway if you want to justify tax fiddling ok. Just do it 😈

Have I got it right…all your superior knowledge and you bought in….Almeria 😆 😆 😆