Re: Re: The problem is


Katy takes a bit of getting used to! 😉 When I came on here I felt I was reading 20 rather bitter and sarcastic posts to every informative one. I assumed there was some history behind it but, since so few others were posting, I thought it better to ignore it (even though I also wondered if it was why so few others were posting).

However in general it hasn’t been a good situation for any Spanish property forum over the last few years. Most people would want to visit this forum because they are interested in buying property in Spain, and if someone is interested in something they tend to want to find ways of doing it rather than be constantly told reasons for not doing it. Even if those reasons are well founded. So while it is important to be told a few hard truths the fact that it has been so negative isn’t conducive to attracting and keeping lots of people on this forum.

Personally I’m someone holding a bit (but not a huge amount) of cash and I should be able to get hold of a bit of finance. Property has crashed by at least 40% in Spain so I keep telling myself that there must be opportunities out there. On paper I am in a good position. But every time I see a cheap, lettable property the numbers still don’t add up. Rents have fallen as well while other costs have gone up. So then I start to consider alternative ways of investing in property, such as land. My head says there is still some way to go in this crash before property becomes a good investment, while my heart says this crash can’t go on that much longer.