Re: Re: The outlook for fincas in Ibiza


@kiddiwinkles40 wrote:

What do you think about the current prices/values of fincas in Ibiza? A family member who lives in one there believes there are a finite number and should hold their value better than new(er) builds although I have been watching and see that lower offers are being accepted. Yes, this is an investment idea (holiday rentals) but also to secure one for living in in about ten years time. I see this would be bucking the general theory of currently buying in Spain but can one make an exception of Ibizan fincas???? Thanks for any comments…

No idea about current property values but I would generally treat Ibiza (along with Mallorca and Menorca) as being completely separate from the mainland Spanish market. Especially when it comes to holiday villas since the market is driven mainly by international demand and local supply. All the surplus property on the mainland costas will have very little effect on these islands, if anything it has made them even more desirable (that doesn’t necessarily mean that prices won’t come down though)