Re: Re: The north south divide



@itsme wrote:

It’s probably the siesta mentality of the south which annoys the northerners…as they are seen as harder workers up there. I guess it’s the siesta, fiesta mentality which annoys other parts of Spain about Andalucia. And the fact that there are a lot of immigrants over from Morocco and the latin american countries picking lettuce, tomatoes etc. But, it’s so hot that you can understand why outdoor workers need a siesta. I don’t understand why banks though with their air con need to close early in summer ??

Taking a long lunch break in hot climates makes sense. I did it when I worked in Libya and my grandparents did it when in Sri Lanka, and my boss takes a 30 min power nap here in Madrid (it’s the 30 min coffee break everyone takes 1 hour after arriving at work that I find excessive). However I agree that the Anadalucians have a reputation amongst other Spaniards for being lazy and corrupt.

Also the banks close early in Madrid all year round – they have a very easy life!