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To be fair he’s been predicting for a long time that prices would eventually revert to this level, unemployment levels have been quite high along the coastal regions of Spain.

Him and a few contributors on this forum as well. 🙂
Spanish property is falling and will continue so to do until the economies of Europe return to substantial growth.

I dunno. If it gets to be common knowledge that flats can be had in Valencia for 40k, I know a few here in London who’d be mightily tempted. I’m not joking about small houses costing 350k in Hackney you know! Indeed just find a deposit and pay 120 a month mortgage – you need that just to pay council tax in the UK each month. I’d resent having to fork out on drinking water each week though ( I know the big containers aren’t that expensive but then you have to factor time/cost of transporting water back to the flat)

Katy – the friend I mentioned has nothing to do with the Twitter bloke, and is a good Spanish friend – one of the best I’ve known. He was predicting the bust back in 2005/6 for western economies. Not alone in that I accept. As for the cold in Valencia – well I’ve been on a Valencian beach in 20C sunshine in December and in January. I’ve even seen 27C in March (for the Fallas festival). It can get cold (often just for a few weeks) but it’s the steamy heat of summer that can be a little hard to cope with, otherwise a good duvet for those two weeks of winter should suffice. A drive up into the Teruel hills soon gets you cooler conditions in summer. Also the Gota fria in Autumn (or a summer storm) can create amazing amounts of water on the street, which is perhaps why they like living in flats or apartments so much?