Re: Re: The madness of the boom in the valencian region


24C in Valencia today according to the El Pais weather site That’d do me for December, even if it does drop to 10 overnight (higher than daytime UK) ! Mind you , they’re forecasting only 22C tomorrow. Besides which it’s probably all a conspiracy hatched up by mysterious agents! 😆 😆
Actually I find UK countryside can be amazingly beautiful when it gets cold. It’s the mild overcast cloudy type of weather that gets me down. I live close to Regents Park in London and it’s joy walking around the little lakes in Autumn or Winter time. Unless it’s completely overcast/raining of course. Rain is a downer in any country I find. But I suppose if you’ve spent all summer on the hot Med coastline the first Autumn rains come as a great relief? (until the floods start…)