Re: Re: The madness of the boom in the valencian region


@katy wrote:

And how do you know it wasn’t a blip when you were there, I have been there in Dec…..I had a big coat on….It IS COLD most of the time. Stop bullshitting. You know everything and yet looking for a place in Almería…says it all 🙄

This one says different

And I did NOT say internet friend tosser!

You’ve been busted. You’ve only been there once in December, and yet you’re claiming to know more about the place than someone who’s been there several times in winter. Stop lecturing to people who know more about a place than you do. How can you state “It is COLD most of the time” when you’ve only been once in December?

I don’t claim to know everything and will certainly accept advice about Almeria from others here, as I know little about that area. Not you of course, it’s obvious you’ve set yourself up as an expert whilst knowing J-S. Hence you’re shouting “drivel” and “tosser” once you’ve been found out.

btw I’d sooner trust the elPais weather site than a UK site (and that still shows max temperatures a LOT higher than in the UK).