Re: Re: The geat Spanish crash.



I watched it and what was interesting was the sheer waste of public monies on huge eye-catching buildings that are not in use nor can be paid for in places like Valencia which came out as really in dire straights financially. I also don’t think we’ve seen the last of huge austerity demonstrations and the intensity/violence will escalate especially if Spain is forced to beg for bailout and be run by those in Brussels/Germany.

It highlighted well the growing unemployment and the many educated Spaniards looking abroad for work.

I got the impression that the emphasis was that Spain should devalue but cannot and the likes of George Magnus and the Spanish Economic Professor say the only way was to leave the Euro making Spain more competitive again. 🙄

Not forgetting the Spanish blackmail card, ‘help us, keep applying sticking plasters for ever, or we will bring down the whole Euro thing’ scary stuff! 🙄