Re: Re: The geat Spanish crash.



I didn’t watch it as I could guess what it was all about and don’t need to be reminded ūüôĀ

My Dad did watch it though and said that at least they said that local cajas were very much to blame. At last, some truth about the corruption at local level which spread and spread.

When is anyone going to be brave enough to say that lots of properties were sold with 130% mortgages to immigrants who didn’t pay deposits and then got ‘cash for furniture’. They’ve all gone home and left a heck of a lot of mortgage debt for others to suffer. The President of Ecuador can say that they’ll welcome their immigrants back home with open arms (of course they will with all their cash from Spain). Yes some immigrants were hard working and lost out in the ‘crisis’ but others played the corrupt bank game and made a lot of money to send home to build a house which they now have ‘for free’. Ecuador have said that they won’t allow Spanish banks to chase their people back at home…. that’s because they know how many have left debt in Spain for the Spanish to pay for.