Re: Re: “The first casualty of war is truth.”


For those of you who think the Falangists have gone away and Spain is now a model of European Social Democracy think again.

As the crisis weakens further the countries ability to recover, freedoms previously taken for granted will disappear.

Manipulating the free speech of press and media is but a beginning. Spain has an ineffective opposition party and the PP have basically a once in a lifetime opportunity to trample all over liberty and establish itself as indispensable and the saviour of a modern democratic Spain.

There is a real risk they will weaken hard won liberties and turn back the clock. All in the name of fiscal austerity.

There is a precedent read the history to the run up of of the Civil War. Franco came to power off the back of an economic slump and what he regarded as collective moral decay and which we call liberty and freedom.