Re: Re: The Banks


@Chris McCarthy wrote:

Is there a prospect that Greece, Spain, and the other lamentable notables, will actually now over a number of years finally get their economies and countries into the sort of order that is commonplace and practice in Northern Europe?

How will they do that while being in the ‘straightjacket’ of the Euro and EU-controlled interest rates? Greece is just about coping with repaying the exhorbitant interest rates (pushed for by Germany) on their loan – forget the loan itself.

@Chris McCarthy wrote:

….they and others literally going to be beaten up by Germany and France until they literally get their act together.

With the EU failing to ‘beat up’ Spain about anything until now, including threats over land grab where Spain simply gave them the two fingers, that would be a sight for sore eyes if it ever happened.

What’s it like in Cloud Cuckooland Chris? 😆