Re: Re: The Banks


Chris M

Is there any prospect, that in the future, this will all be seen to have been a good thing?

Is there a prospect that Greece, Spain, and the other lamentable notables, will actually now over a number of years finally get their economies and countries into the sort of order that is commonplace and practice in Northern Europe?

Might this not in hindsight be seen; as a difficult period of adjustment that they all had to overcome and then run their governments not on the Mediterranean basis but on the Northern basis in the future.

We have all asked for change in Spain, for a more Northern mindset, are we now getting it, are not they and others literally going to be beaten up by Germany and France until they literally get their act together.

In the long run, is this not what people have wanted for quite some time? And an inevitable outcome? And it might be a cruel hard lesson that they cannot just devalue, go off and print pesetas and believe that will solve all their problems, I trust the UK with quantitative easing but I wouldn’t trust Spain.

They wanted Europe, the Euro and to be all grown up well they got it!

(Jeeze, and I always wanted the UK to join the euro too)