Re: Re: The 10 best places to buy abroad in 2011



I wouldn’t put much credence into anything ‘A Place in the Sun’ touts, it’s purely commercially led anyway, after all presenters like Amanda Lamb duped many Brits who had the dream of Spain etc into buying crap properties in crap locations, then came out with a follow up programme, ‘House Trapped in the Sun’. Dodgy build, illegal properties, high costs and all the scams to boot. Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cape Verde, Cyprus etc etc – All of their markets have since ‘bombed’ since the original tv progs were aired.

Yes the dream exists for many Brits often in less well-off areas of the UK, in a UK Winter, but what’s your best advice Mark for them to really avoid the scams and crooks? Who can they trust with confidence, naive people still get caught out? 👿