Re: Re: The 10 best places to buy abroad in 2011


There is a different way of looking at British people’s favourite places, with Spain heading the list every year, and I’m not talking about investors and speculators, they left years ago. Katy referred to it when mentioning the working classes.

The UK is now a fairly wealthy nation, wealthier than Spain. The average working man reaching retirement age in the UK will probably have an average house without a mortgage valued at something like £180.000, and an average pension of more than £12,000 per annum.

He is highly likely to be a socialist and will have had several recent holidays in Spain. He will have relatives, friends or former neighbours already living in Spain (a million expats are already here).

He is unlikely to be reading forums such as this and will prefer the Sun to the Telegraph. The negative points about Spain, regularly trumpeted here and elsewhere, will pass him by.

He will be able to sell his house in the UK and buy a similarly sized property here, with £60,000 left in the bank. His pension income will sustain him easily and he will be living among fellow expats in an area long developed to cater for pensioner expats, with an excellent free health service and unbeatable weather.

And whether house prices in Spain fall over the short term will be of no interest to him. He’s coming here to spend his retirement in an ideal country, a strongly socialist one at that.