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@ethnatkev wrote:

In another breath though, you can sit there and call all investors greedy….so you are also very quick to tell people what they are without knowing them….

Gordon Bennett ! You do have a knack of missing the point doncha.

From my previous post…

@adiep wrote:

those greedy investors who thought that house prices only ever go upwards also have their share of the blame.

Can you see how that is not the same as saying all investors are greedy, or that investing is itself greedy??

Im referring to those who took leave of their senses, allowing greed to cloud their judgement because they thought prices would just keep rising. As someone who invests a fair amount myself, I know greed can be my worse enemy, it causes irrational thinking and dubious logic.

EDIT: And I just noticed you edited what I wrote and then quoted me as writing your edited version. Very lame.