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@ethnatkev wrote:

In another breath though, you can sit there and call all investors greedy….so you are also very quick to tell people what they are without knowing them….

I don’t want to get into verbal conflicts on here over what he or she said. It’s such a waste of time. However I would like to know why some posters think investors or speculators are ‘greedy’.
Investors take high risks with their capital to make a return. Most relatively small investors such as I make a living in that way. I agree we try to maximise profit as and when possible but so does any other business. It’s their raison d’etre.
It’s simply silly to label speculators as ‘greedy’. You might as well say all capitalism is greed and be done with it.
I have in the past had successful property investments in Spain over a 30 year period. Those investments provided homes for Spanish as well as the extranjero. Yes my company made profits over the years but also some losses. That’s business not greed. Anyone who thinks otherwise does simply not understand how capitalism works.
Without investment and the hope of decent returns society will stagnate and collapse. In Spain right now any investment is fraught with difficulties especially in the property sector. You would hardly expect anyone to risk their own money in this current environment without the expectation of rewards.