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@UBEDA wrote:

Logan, that throw away comment could come back to haunt you: by the way there are hundreds of buyers snapping up bargains (sorry guys only great locations) right at this moment) ……… remember what Warren Buffet said – “be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy!”

this is no different now !!!!!!!!!! sorry to be optimistic but frankly its true – the masses will be out with their cheque books in a year or two!!!!!!!!

There is absolutely no evidence to back up your statements. Sales have never been lower in Spain, that a fact, and even the Spanish PM thinks things are going to get much worse.

Spain and France have geography on their side, for the British and Irish its the obvious choice. The downside is that those countries economies and banking systems are fucked for many years to come. Keeping your home is far more urgent than speculating in unnecessary property abroad. So geography is also again Spain; the imaginary Baltic States buyers do have the luxury of many direct flights ( there are a total three from all three countries).

UK retirees don’t want to move abroad anymore, healthcare is now a bigger issue and the economic and political situation is not attractive.

UBEDA, I’m glad you are having such a busy time, surprising you have to to post about it here.