Re: Re: The 10 best places to buy abroad in 2011



@logan wrote:

Selling or reinforcing ‘dreams’ to gullible people seems to me a poor way to make a living.
Holiday homes in Spain are a financial disaster and that’s not being negative, just a statement of economic realism.
There is a continual conflict on this forum between those who have an interest in talking up the Spanish property market and the rest who have a good understanding of the serious problems that exists in Spain.
Any serious buyer should listen to both sides and keep their cash firmly in the bank.

Why do you assume people are all gullible? Normal people do their homework prior to buying and make up thier own minds.
Everywhere is in chaos right now but people are still buying property all over the world.
I for one have just posted a link with some positive news, it’s not like I made it up. It is there in black and white. Are we never allowed to bring up any positives about Spain ever? I do wonder why you are SO against even a glimmer of hope. You have either been badly hurt by Spain in the past or you are after the dream property for a 2000 price.
We are completely entitled to post good reviews or posts as you buyers are completely entitled to constantly post negative ones.
Lets try to at least give Spain a CHANCE to recover and feel happy that things may start improving.
As I say to anyone posting negatives who is looking to buy on here, if it is that bad, just go and buy somewhere else, why are you even bothering to wait for Spain to recover????