Re: Re: Terrorism in Europe



I don’t think anyone is scoffing at terrorism. I was in Tripoli with a very young family when the Americans decided to drop a load of bombs on the city, I don’t suppose people really think that was an act of terrorism but I do and the justification for it was unfounded and later admitted. People were killed and we are thankful we were not, just scared for quite a while.

My daughter was in Manchester city centre and outside Kendals department store when the city was blown up by the IRA, she was blown off her feet but again luckily escaped any serious harm but she was very frightened and saw things she should never had to experience.

However I think the scaremongering and control in the name of security on ordinary people is unacceptable. As I have said before the authorities have a pretty good idea where the current threats lie (everyone does), homegrown or not they tend to come from similar cultural backgrounds and the use of profiling should be accepted, this is not racist but reality.