Re: Re: Tax on new properties reduced from 8 to 4% until end of



@shakeel wrote:

“I happen to know someone who by complete fluke is going to complete in September,”

This is what they call “suerte” in Spain. Most things are done in Spain on the basis of “suerte” Only people in third world works on suerte. Things should be done by proper, clear & transparent laws & where there is an ambiguity the benefit should go to tax payer. Transactions of this nature should be done by way financial & other planning not on a suerte. ( This not finding a parking space in front of a bar as you arrive & some one is pulling out. Chopera living in Madrid you will know what I mean.)

“she must have been paying the IVA with her letras, so I’ll try to find out if they’ll reimburse her”
Dont make me laugh. Even if the legislation allows for it, they will pocket it

It looks like the PP are saying that if they win the election they will extend the 4% IVA until 2013, for residential properties only and within a certain price limit. So more suerte for for some…maybe