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Fuengi (Andrew)

@Sarabellas wrote:

Can anyone tell me if the Tax Office Valuation on a property is different or the same as the Cadestral Value? If a property is purchased at a much reduced amount than is advertised, the Tax Office can send a bill for the difference between what the property has sold for and what they think it is worth – therefore the Purchaser has not really bought a bargain! Is there a special name for their Valuation and is it possible to find out what it is prior to making an offer on a property? Thank you!


cadastral value is used for the calculation. each townhall differs slightly in the mutiplier they use.

You do not get a bill and have to pay the difference. you have to pay the difference the transfer tax that should of been paid (plus fine)

you buy for 100.000€. 8% tran = 8.000€
they say it should have been bought for 150.000€. 8% = 12.000
You have to pay them the 4.000€ plus penalty

Valuation needs to be done after signing. Should not have a variance of more than 10% of their figure though. If more they won’t accept it. Unless you can show that what you bought is worth substantially less than similar properties due to dilapidation, etc…