Re: Re: tax costs after nearly 3 years because of low priced buy

Fuengi (Andrew)

“But now 3 years later, the ‘Agencia Tributaria de Catalunya’ sent me a letter in Catalan of course; whereas they tell me to pay an extra amount of ‘ tipus imposittiu’ ( tipos impuesto ) of 7% over the difference of the price I paid for the house and the price the ‘Agencia Tributaria de Catalunya’ says the house was worth in july 2009.
I paid 240.000 for the house, and they claim that it was worth nearly 360.000 in july 2009. So they order me to pay nearly 8.300 Euro of taxes and also 1.080 Euro of interest ( 5% over nearly 3 years ). makes a total of 9.380 Euro.

This really sounds strange to me. Never heard or read something about this. I have 15 days to raise objection. But I really have no glue how to raise objection. I really think that the price of 360.000 is not reasonable. And in the first place it sounds arbitrariness to me this kind of taxes. They are really looking for money because of the crises. Is this possible according European law. They have made mistakes before in the past.”

Hi, If you intend to object the figures, your best bet is to present a ‘property valuation’ if you had one done prior to purchase. Additionally you can argue the valuation if you bought the property and it was in poor condition.

This value is calculated from the ‘valor catastral’.