Re: Re: summer drought??


@Tinnat wrote:

There are still people like me, wishing to buy! 🙂

If you look in the right areas of Spain where there are no land issues, you can find some good deals. People on here are mainly being negative with regards to the south of Spain area where there have been problems.

You must also remember a lot of people on here have vetted interests and want the market to drop even further so they can grab a bargain. The prices for them are still out of their budget so they find any given opportunity to knock to whole of Spain. Most people on other forums discuss openly how this particular forum is by far the most negative of all, so don’t let investors on here sway your judgement too much. Remember most of them are after all, investors. If they weren’t looking to buy themselves they would not be on here every day as they are.
If you take note of people on here, you will be waiting another decade until they give out positive news.
Just do your homework and employ reputable, recommended laywers as I have done with every purchase I have made in Spain. I have not yet had any legal problems ❗ There are some good deals to be had, find one you like, put in an offer and good luck!