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shakeel ……….. By mentioning Tardis, I take it you’re refering to The 18th Century Inland Village House that I have posted ……….. Tardis is NOT a place, it is a word which has come into use in the English language which means something which is much much bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside. It came originally from a British TV programme over 45 years ago.

I also posted the following ………..

The village of Teresa de Cofrentes is one of six villages in the Ayora Valley, it has a doctors, farmacia, several shops, bars, a hairdressers and a primary school. It is just over an hour from both Valencia and Alicante airports and 20 minutes from the main Alicante/Madrid motorway. It is also 20 minutes to the main RENFE rail line in Almansa to the cities of Valencia, Alicante and Madrid.

It is located within the Communidad of Valencia.

Surely that is enough detail about the location …………. I would suggest you read the postings in full………… if any prospective buyer is still interested as El anciano said there is always “Google”