Re: Re: subject



“taking a reference is irrelevant as the tenants are already in the property. and the reference are historic.”
But why wouldn’t anyone wish to obtain updated references. It could be that in the previous 12 months a tenant would have gone bankrupt, so credit reference should be completeley different?

“Its not necessary an appendix of a A4 page is prepared giving the new rent, the address of the property and the extension period.”
So it is assumed that the schedule of dilaps., etc., remains as 12 month previous?

“The landlord do not have a choice.”
More fool the landlord then, he should not have agreed the terms initially.

“( no mention is made of renewals )”
Perhaps some landlords need educating in that they should read documents?
If no mention is made, do you mean in the written contract, as if so, how is it enforceable?

“This is a practise with all agents”
Not all.