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The kid not liking English:
I accept what you say but it came accross that you felt that was a basis of some deep rooted social problem in the Spanish society.

Not at all, I just encountered a cheeky kid. All societies have them and they also have arrogant and rude people but the majority of people in all societies are pretty cool, in my experience.

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” Get over it!!! “
What is 200 years got to do with it ? An historical fact remains. Passage of time without sincere and honest action does not erode the historical fact. The Rota base had a global political dimension deeply rooted in the Cold war and Francos insecurities.

And in 200 years time you will be complaining about the Americans having their base in Rota. Learn not to give land away because sooner or later you will learn to regret it. OIC!! You aren’t Spanish. Have a word with your Spanish mates, will you? Please.

For them to get Gibraltar back it would be best for them to be nice to the people living there. The UK would be happy to come to some arrangement but the Gibraltarians, the people born there, are suspicious of Spain for some reason. I would start there and when they have persuaded them that Gibraltar is actually Spanish then they won’t get much argument from the British government.

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“In addition all a Brit has to do is wave money at a Spaniard and he will sell his property.”

A property is a trading commodity. In Spain, Spaniards are the biggest buyers not the English. After all 50 million or so Spaniard dont live under open sky. Let me remind you that in Uk in the 30 years or so. The Iranians, Nigerians, Arabs, Indian and now the Russians have waved their money. The Chelsea Barricks in London has recently been been sold to the Qatari investment Compony. Yes, waving money to the English. Atleast the Spaniards are not selling the Heritage like Country/listed houses. like the English has been doing. This has been encouraged by the UK fiscal system as the non residents do not pay capital gains tax. Unlike in Spain and other EU Countries. Besides the British Airports, EnergyCompany, Bank etc has been sold to the Spaniard waving money at the English.

We have always been a trading nation and we understand that once a deal is struck it’s no use complaining about it. The many nations who have bought in the UK know that they will get what they pay for and their ownership will be respected.

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“Do you have a link?”

I am afraid I cant recall it. It was covered in the UK media and on this forum.

I’m sure you are correct and the consul did make those remarks. I just find it disappointing that someone in such a position should make such remarks about his fellow countrymen. It isn’t going to help overcome misunderstandings, is it?

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“Quite honestly, if all this bitterness is about the comment “.

There is no bitterness. I only stated the reasons for which the Spaniard or others may not like English for some of the instances stated earlier. You can take it as you like.

I am not Spanish and look’s at things in from both perspectives. Not from the English perspective only.

You told me that I seemed well balanced in my post and you then took one remark I made about that young boy out of context and you ended up telling me that the British are arrogant and aggressive.

I’d say you have issues. But that’s OK, we can discuss them