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@shakeel wrote:

Mike said

“it was just as bad there but the worst that happened to me in Spain was a cheeky lad telling me he doesn’t like the English.”

I read your posting and you came accross a balance kind of a person. But your last paragraph baffeled me.

I wasn’t suggesting that a kid saying he doesn’t like the English was a terrible experience for me, Shakeel, I was actually dismissing the incident as very minor but maybe that doesn’t translate. However, the comment was made.

@shakeel wrote:

The reasons are:

1) No body has to like each other for what ever reason they may have.

No they don’t. Simple respect will do.

@shakeel wrote:

2) All races, nationality have their general dislikes. The Welsh dont like the English and English dont like the French. I dont like the mother in law even though that I dont have one etc, etc.

How terribly grown up. Because everyone else dislikes people because of their nationality it’s normal and to be encouraged. Perhaps you think it is a good thing that we encourage children to dislike early in life so that they can get the first dig in?

@shakeel wrote:

3) The media and politicians of today. The custodians of relegions have used the situation through out the history of the world and has embeded hate and likes and dislikes. But in the case of todays Spain. I can understand where the Spaniards are coming from. I have spoken to them openly the issues some of them are.

1) Take over of their towns in so far as their way of life, fish & chips, Karoke bar, loutish/aggresive behaviour, walking bare chest with their union jack shorts. throwing up in the streets.

Which towns? Those on the coast which the Spanish promote as tourist destinations and to which they encourage more and more British to visit? Or is this also true of the inland towns? Could you tell me which inland towns please.

@shakeel wrote:

2) Expect/Demand that they speak English.

Is this in tourist resorts? I should imagine that you would have to speak the language or languages of your foreign tourists or they will stop visiting.

If inland where tourists are few then I agree that any British living there and not speaking the language are letting themselves down and giving the British a bad reputation

@shakeel wrote:

3) Arrogant behaviour with tradesman e.g plumber,electricians etc. I have been told by them that they visit the English customers last, for reason at the begining of (3).

I did meet many arrogant British when I was in Spain, I must admit. However, I met quite a few Spanish who seemed to be of the opinion that all British are arrogant and any action or statement seemed to disappoint these Spanish people.

For example, in my poor Spanish at the time, I asked a man in a shop in which I was buying some large items whether I could start bringing some of the supplies to my car. This Spanish man got very upset, picked up the large item and in a huff asked me which car. He had misunderstood me and he thought I had asked him to carry the stuff for me. I have witnessed such misunderstandings on a couple of ocassions.

Now, you might say that I should have been proficient in the language at that time but we all have different learning styles. My learning style is to go out and do it and that can lead to misunderstandings.

What compounds this misunderstanding is many of those English who do speak the language well, feeling all smug and superior and thinking that it’s a sad example of a fellow Brit not making an effort. Our arrogance doesn’t evaporate when we have learnt a foreign language! 😆

@shakeel wrote:

4) Yes, than of course Gibralter.

Get over it!!! It was 200 years ago that we drove the French out and in return you gave us Gibraltar. It has hurt you so badly that 50 years ago you gave the Americans their base at Rota forever. In addition all a Brit has to do is wave money at a Spaniard and he will sell his property. It seems that you do not value your land very highly, but you make a lot of noise about it.

@shakeel wrote:

You may recall that recently the British consulate in Majora or Ibiza, commented that he was ashamed with him compatriats behaviour.

Do you have a link? I’d like to see what he actually said and of whom he said it. If he was talking of louts that get drunk and cause trouble then maybe he is one of those Brits who have never seen drunken Spanish people. I assure you that I have seen many drunken Spanish, in fact I was drinking with them at the time.

Quite honestly, if all this bitterness is about the comment I made about a young boy saying to me that he doesn’t like the English and a significant number of Spanish agree with you then I would urge you to leave the European Union. You are too sensitive and insular to belong in an economic union that involves the free movement of labour.