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“Gibraltarian, born and bred there, they will tell you that they are British rather than Spanish. “

I have spoken to them and I concur with you that they will claim to be British. They are and were between the devil and the deep blue sea and had no choice and in later years for economic reason they prefered to align themselves to the British. Today they are as much British, that they dont even have a right to a residency in mainland UK. Deep inside they all know that one day they will be dumped by the British and than they have to settle the account with the Spaniards. I personally hope that the settling of the account does not take place.

Your opinion with no supporting facts

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“We do have a history of giving fascists a bloody nose,”

Not without the help of the Americans and we are now forever indebited to them, speak to a member of the Forces whose love ones have been lost in Iraq, or Afghanistan..

I am no fan of Hitler, Franco, Tito or any such lot. I cant see how the Brits gave Franco the bloody nose.

You referred to Franco and his insecurity caused by British policy. Don’t you remember? It’s in this thread. You said

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“The dislike of the Spanish by the Gibraltrians stems from Francos actions forced upon by the British policies”

I’m beginning to believe you continue this argument because you are racist against the British. Or do you have short term memory loss?

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“I think you may be referring to Diego Garcia in the Indian ocean. John Pilger refers to it in his 1998 book “Hidden Agendas” and he compares the indigenous people, the Ilois” to the Australian Aborigines

Does that make them sub human speciey? and their voice/rights can be ignored with impunity for political aims/goals just because the British decided to refuse to recognize them. Why they have not been recogniozed. The dollars from the Americans were accepted and recognised ???????????

I was reporting what John Pilger said and contrasting it to your comparison with the Gilbraltarians. Did you not understand that? Maybe English is not your first language and you are incapable of conversation in this language. I understand if that is so but it makes it difficult to discuss.

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As the Gibraltarians are recognized. The recognitions/or not as the case may be, does not change the historical facts and people and the following generations affacted by those decesions read, experience and remember them. Wether 200 years have passed or not.

Now I am convinced. That sentence makes no sense at all. I think you are proficient at English but not enough to have a conversation, you can’t understand nuances and maybe grammar. This is not meant as an insult, your English is far better than my Spanish.

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“But we’ll never know until you can provide a link “
Sadly the subject did not warrant in my favourite. I am sure that you could research the foreign office records .

It doesn’t interest me enough, it’s just an unsubstantiated rumour