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@angie wrote:

Well said charlie, it seems quite a few original posters are now leaving because their opinions are always called negative or repetitive, all of which could be addressed with a permanent heading re ‘Pitfalls of buying in Spain’ which I understood we were getting. 🙄

New members to the forum if looking at problem areas would automatically look on the problems problems threads.
There is comparatively little there with most of the problems being aired on every thread other than problems.
Therefore many problems could be overlooked.
Post your problems in the problems area for all to see.
Ps I will try to do the same.

Remember its a forum dedicated to giving a broad insight to Spanish property and not narrowed to problems only.
Remember that your problems are related to you personally and not related to the whole of Spain or its people.
Not every ex pat has a horror story. Though I fully support those who have.