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@Chris McCarthy wrote:

Some people Angie, if they bought in lets call it the “Unfortunate Window” between say 2005 – 2007 may have been caught at the top of the market and may not be able to sell for the same price today, but lo and behold they get an exceptional benefit in the exchange rate to offset those losses.

Chris, wouldn’t they have to sell, in general, to people who are disadvantaged because of that exceptional benefit in the exchange rate?

@Chris McCarthy wrote:

I am sorry for anyone who bought at top of the market, i know exactly what it is like, I did it on the stock market one week before 9/11 and it was four years before I got out with what I put in.

I didn’t whinge about it for 4 years, I didn’t parade up and down ranting about how Lloyds Bank were earning a commissin from me, I didn’t endlessly tell the story.

Were you leveraged? Most people who bought in Spain cannot just shrug their shoulders and accept the loss, they have to repay a loan.

@Chris McCarthy wrote:

And please refrain from talking about agents and naming them as if they have something to apologise or be shamed about.

Did you personally ever use the phrase “good investment”? Once or twice? More? Were you aware that many of your clients thought of their purchase as a sound investment? Did you ever consider the property market to be volatile and knowing the type of person typically buying did you ever consider that they might become disalusioned should prices drop and remain low for a number of years?

Just asking.