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For all of you who is not satisfied with the Spanish legal system/structure. Are you aware that:

1) Spanish developers whose offices are in UK, can be taken to Courts in UK, e.g Aifos office near Trafalgar Square or Fadesa in Covent Garden.

2) Any company in a EU, can be taken to Courts in any member Country. ( I am 85% certain of this )Please clarify this one.

Re. point No 2 above please note that:

“……if you are obliged to institute proceedings as a buyer of a good or service coming directly from another Member State, you have the right to sue before the courts of either your country of residence or that of the other party when you are in one of the following situations: the conclusion of the contract was preceded by advertising or a specific invitation made to you in your country of residence and you have taken the steps necessary for the conclusion of the contract in that country.

…..However, you should know that in the case of disputes over contracts for the purchase of immovable property (flats, villas, etc.), only the courts of the country in which the property is situated have jurisdiction.

The above information can be found on EU’s official site: