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Property crime is not the only issue in the Med Countries. Its only that, that where Brits come face to face with the reality. Over charging Taxi drivers, poor quality food & exorbitant drinks prices etc. People ignores it as part of being a tourist ripoff irrespective of the Country.

The residents of these Countries are quite use to the system & accept it. as as protestations during the period of Franco or Salazar would have landed them & their families in a lot of serious bother.

In so far as Zapatero is concerned. You just have to look at his body language to find out how many teeth he has.

Med Countries???

Go to Poland and, if you are not careful, they can charge you 100 Euro for a taxi from Warsaw airport to the centre (10 Euros regular fee).

Go to Romania, they are going to put the taxi meter on and charge you at least triple.

In Bulgaria thugs dressed as policeman stop cars and rog the passengers.

I do not know what happens in the ex-USSR countries but I can only guess…

I think UK and probably Northern Countries + Be-Ne-Lux + Swizerland are the exceptions, everywhere else in Europe they enjoy ripping off foreigners…