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@shakeel wrote:

You are right to be suspicious. There is no way that Lorenzo or his son will pay the debt. Like father like son.

People who do illegal things at the outset have no intention to honour anything, legal. right moral or not. As Rob indicated who says that the legalisation will follow ? If yes what will it cost ? ofcourse legalisation is a different process to clearing the debts on the land & or

I am afraid you & others owners of the Villas need to get a good independent lawyer. I would use one from Madrid so that you could limit the chances of the local lawyer being influenced.

They have chosen a lawyer between them, and YES, he’s local, and used to work in Torrevieja, and now works in Murcia.My dad is influenced by the others and does not want my lawyer in Tenerife to be involved. I am very, very suspicious of the whole thing. They are mostly in their 60’s & 70’s and seem very naive to me.

I 100% agree with your opinion that people who are dishonourable at the outset, have no intentions otherwise. Do you make the comment regarding Lorenzo and his son because you know of them, or is it a generalisation? Any info from anyone MUCH appreciated, thanks.