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@angie wrote:

Peter, I’ve not blamed the agents for the amount of overbuild, personally IMO the greedy Spanish Gov’t encouraged the overbuild for taxes, and then greedy developers and agents moved in to fuel yet more greed or even the ‘life in the sun’ as a way to live and make money.

The CDS and C. Blanca’s coasts are a real mess though which we agree on. I can’t see that ever improving without major demolitions first.

You might well have been a fair agent Peter, however the likes of the ones mentioned misled so many people to gain their very fat commissions with the ‘buy now, flip later’, ‘you cannot lose’, ‘it’s a no brainer’ and ‘cherry pick the best plot’ one liners.

Re the Costa Brava, it is just a more spectacular coastline with less mess and less overdevelopment IMO.

Costa Brava has two BIG disadvantages for Northern Europe people:

1) it lies in a rich area of Spain so locals have money to buy expensive properties so prices are high.

2) it is cold over the winter so the weather advantage vanishes…

If I were to buy in Gerona/Lleida/Huesca, I would only chose the Pirynees area which at least offers good skiing conditions, there is no reason to go for Christmas on Costa Brava as it can be colder than UK…