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farstar: If you are a Spaniard than you should understand the mentality of your compatriats. Most Spaniard do not know whats happening in their street, apart from where the fiesta is. They prefer to remain oblivious & ignorant about their country & as far as they have the money for the beer & going out with friends they do not care.

I have spoken to my many Spanish friends who are in the construction & other business, they had no idea of the endemic that is going through all over Spain.

I had told about the story of the “Priors” all I got from them was
“pobrecitos ” and the next second it was like I was talking of issues on another planet.

Shakeel, this was the oportunity of a lifetime for many people in Spain to get the money of richer North European people. There will not be such oportunity in our lifetime or maybe our children lifetime.

Everybody in the authority and construction grabbed the chance to become richer by fleecing people in search of Sun and/or people who were sold short by their own UK, German , etc real estate agent/TV shows and other compatriots involved in property porn.