Re: Re: subject


Yes of course shakeel buying in Spain has always been a risky business and developing even more so!
I believe that risk is something most people are simply not aware of until things go wrong. Then they seek someone else to sort out their mess, blaming a lack of research on a system they don’t really understand..
There is/was a subconscious belief that Spain is really the UK in the sun.
That is not to say that someone like the Priors did not take any precautions. No, they relied on others and believed their lawyers were the same as your average high street solicitor. They and a multitude of others simply did not understand how Spain worked. Why would/should they? Naivety has a cost. Spain really is another country.
In life if you take a gamble or risk and it falls you have to accept the failure, loss and move on. Sad and painful as it is.