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As MIBOR is a rate that shows the price in what Banks and Credit Institutions lend and borrow money one to other, there are so many in Europe as Money Markets, (like LIBOR, London Inter Bank Offered Rate), but into the EURO ZONE the essential is, logically, the EURIBOR. The other rates follow the way of this, with minimum technical differences.

Mibor is still published, and for some little Banks is more familiar because they get money from the domestic money market, but I sincerely believe that there is no special reason to choose it instead of EURIBOR. Anyway, I’ll try to check it.

Don’t worry, I’m a Lawyer, but I’m also a civil servant of the Bank of Spain that left for absence.

The other rates can be found at
One, Three, Six and Twelve months. And also rates from UK, USA and Japan (shows the official rates).

Daily rates are at The normal rates are on the first block.

Take into account that these rates are technical ones for banks, not official for customers.

I hope this can help.