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The link to the MIBOR is in one of my previous replies, it is

“Yes, Shakeel,
MIBOR (Madrid Inter Bank Offered Rate) the Spanish national reference rate, has been generally replaced with the EURIBOR (European Inter Bank Offered Rate) since the introduction of the EURO. So most of the mortgages (like mine) since then are referred to EURIBOR. However, the MIBOR is still published and you can see the data series in
Logically, as you can see, both rates are very similar, but not equal.”

The OFFICIAL legal rates in Spain for mortgages are published only by the Bank of Spain and sent to the “Boletin Oficial del Estado” to have legal strength.
The European Central Bank, logically, publishes the Euribor that is a european rate, but mortgages are not directly referred to it.
You can find the rates in many other websites, but are copies, not the official originals.