Re: Re: subject


I’m a Lawyer in Murcia, and I haven’t had any case in Almeria, by now. I suppose this can explain why I’m sure about my opinions.
I have a huge respect to my profession and I deeply regret the professional behavior of other colleagues, but I’m convinced that, at the end of the day, not all the lawyers are the same.
I totally agree with you about the obligation of the lawyer protecting his customer’s interest, it is obvious that in Spain as in UK is the reason of being of the profession.
In fact, in Spain there is no obligation about using the services of a lawyer in a conveyance; people use those legal services when they think they will be more protected doing so.
About having a written report from the legal firm about the property with all relevant details, I think it is a right of the customers that they would always ask for, and there is no legal obstacle to get it now.
Unfortunately, in recent times some buyers not even have received an invoice when paying the cost of the lawyer, it is so sad.