Re: Re: subject

shakeel wrote:
“the good news is Gordy enjoyed an 18-course gastronomic extravaganza at the G8 summit in Japan last night (while they discussed the global food crisis)”.

Gorden Brown, also spoke of the wastage of food in the UK. I see a basis and softening up for an introduction of a waste tax. Don’t blame me you all been warned.[/quote.

The world I fear is run by lunatics, not just Britain. All this green rubbish, everytime they have a meeting most of the lunatics attending fly half way round the world , ie Bali and Japan. Brown goes on about not wasting food and ordering supermarkets to ban, BOGOF, Buy One Get One Free.
Then sits down to a 6 course lunch then a 12 course dinner, the man is barking. The lunatics are truly in charge of the asylum. I cannot see anyone likely to get the world back on track, Obama with the lousy Clintons in the rear or Mc Cain, do not fill me with confidence. Then in the UK there is the Blair ,clone or clown Cameron reckon Dr Cameron from Dr Findlay´s Casebook would do a better job.

I thank God I am not 18 years of age, what a world to be in at that age .

I do find it incredible that the British people are taking the Nulabour disaster almost without a wimper , the Poll Tax was nothing compared to the damage these clowns are doing, with quangoes,council workers poking their noses inside bins when they are not licking the bosses backside. Eleven years of Nulabour mismanagement and all they do is write to the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail.