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Fuengi (Andrew)

@shakeel wrote:

Fuengi, can you please explain “who has managed to big up a ‘ganga’ ” I also keen to know what do you mean by “ganga” as I have never heard this before. I know that there is river in India called “ganga”.

a client just bought a 3 bed, 2 bath apartment. 83m2 + 15m2 terrace. parking, storage for 215.000. sea views, 15 mins walking from fuengirola centre, 10 mins to beach.
Block is 6 year old, and were originally sold for 180.000€.

a real bargain was about 10 months ago. 200m2 townhouse, 60m2 of terracing. enclosed double garage, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. 315.000€ in Los boliches fuengirola.

From my epxerience the only people that have been really caught out are the ones that bought in urbanisations outside of the towns/centres where there are few amenities. But then again people that bought 8 years ago could still sell and make a profit now.

@Villan wrote:

Should not have mentioned someone in dire straits. I can sense some personal abuse around the corner 😕

she bought to sell before completion. she believe the prices owuld go up and she could sell it. she was wrong. Makes no difference whether it was avarice or due to dodgy estates.