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Just stating the facts mate.
And please tell me what government doesn’t doctor statistics?

None of them do, if they do it would be pretty serious problem for the country involved.

Umm, there was a UK government that decided that everyone who was on a YTS scheme would not be considered to be on the dole, I think that wiped out about half a million off the unemployment numbers…that’s not doctoring?

Spain is not perfect, but hang on, it ain’t Greece not by a long way.

Actually I was talking about fabricating statistics – i.e. lying, not doctoring; which I’d define, as you did, as reclassifying the numbers . I’d say the official Spanish house price figures are fabricated they are lies with the specific intention of reducing the bad debt hit that banks have to take.

Edward Hugh’s take on the bank tests.

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The markets seem to have taken the stress test well. The Euro is holding up to the dollar and spanish shares were up today 😕

First the European bank stress tests that most banks were bound to pass; now the easing of Basel III capital and liquidity proposals that, by the new implementation date of 2018, banks are bound to fulfil. It is very hard not to view the Bank for International Settlements’ relaxation of rules and stretched implementation timetable as yet another win for the banking lobby. The threat of regulators whacking up capital adequacy ratios was one of the last big unknowns for investors. That European banks’ stocks jumped 5 per cent on Tuesday suggests that fear is rapidly evaporating.,Authorised=false.html?